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Forces of Nature


Discovered by Gallileo Gallilei in 16th Century, the natural phenomenon by which physical bodies attract eachother with an invisible force proportional to their masses. In other words, the bigger it is, the faster it attracts.

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These are the forces that occur between electrically charged particles. Particles are everywhere even when you think you see nothing, there are particles there. The air you breath are particles being taken into your lungs, but we can't see them with our eyes. When we move our hand through the air, we are moving millions of particles which is why we feel the wind. Wind does not exist as a physical entity, but as the bi-product of fast moving charged particles. If you feel wind, it means hot & cold particles have met somewhere close by and started reacting and are now rapidly moving....

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Your body is not solid. it is made up of billions of tiny particles, all held together by a strong force called Nuclear Force. The strong Force is actually what holds us together but if you were to zoom in on an atom in your body, you would notice the middle part (nucleus) is made of gas, not solid matter. they also spin in 2 directions, a positive or negative. if you zoomed into the nucleus to be the size of a Baket Ball, you would also notice that the other parts (called electrons, neutrons & protons) orbit the nucleus very far away from it, almost the length of a Football field away.

So there is no such thing as solid, only the appreance or illusion of "solid". because our eyes only see 1% of visible light, we actually believe this Earth is solid, the ground is solid and everything else is solid, but it is not.

So how are we solid? We are not.

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What is it?


John Hutchinson


Crystal Power Converter [PDF]


Hutchinson Experiments


Time Travel

Scientist Stephen Hawking talks about Time Travel in this Article.

The Truth (vid)


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Zero Point Energy Zero Point Video
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MORE stars (SUNS) in the milky way THAN grains of SAND on EARTH?

There are more Suns in the Milky Way Galaxy than grains.... YES GRAINS!! of Sand on ALL the Beaches on the entire Earth.

Lots of people expect stars (Suns) to have points, but they are all round like our Star, the Sun.....

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