are we alone?

If you had the ability for interstellar travel, this would automatically mean you have discovered safe Nuclear Power or harnessed Anti-Matter propulsion, meaning, your home Planet no longer burns fossil fuels and no longer has energy issues (seeming as 2 Hydrogen atoms in a fused state could Power the entire USA for 100,000 years).

We can also assume if they have spent the time and money on building an interstellar craft, they are obviously not wasting resources fighting their own species and have come to realise just how small they are in the Universe. This is called "Enlightened".

If we could comprehend just how much there is to discover beyond our atmosphere, you would see Trillions of Dollars spent on War and genocide be re-directed by our Governments to build ships to reach new land and new Worlds. the other option is that the people in the Top Jobs around the world are already doing this with your taxes to benefit themselves, while you and I just keep working and give them a third of everything we own.

Unfortunately, looking at the evidence, I believe it will take a mass Alien Invasion to actually turn people's heads because in my experience, people don't believe things until it is physically right in front of them. This is the downfall of being a Human Being. It is a shame so many would have to die just so the majority of our species can turn around and say... "Oooohh...look... All those Crazy people were right, we aren't alone.. .If Only we spent all that time and money on building defenses against them instead of against each other we may still be alive".


It is not the job of an advanced race to give a primitive race the answers to the Universe.

We must find them for ourselves in our own time and prove ourselves worthy to be part of a galactic Community.

If you were an advanced Alien using Anti-Matter propulsion and you came across a planet of farmers, still using animals as labour, would you fly down, land on their planet, tell them what is out there and hand over all your designs to your technology? i would say not, because you have to understand the laws of physics to be able to handle the power. Would you give a child a sharp knife? Of course not!! they could hurt themselves. You have to have a particular level of Self-awareness and enlightenment to handle the power of Anti-Matter or Fusion. They are dangerous in careless hands. Think of a 5 year old driving a car. It is the same principle. Without the knowledge and ability to see what can go wrong, you cannot prevent an accident or something going wrong.

There seems to be a process where humans believe they are at the centre of everything. The proof is in the unequal wealth among all humans, Inequality of living that exists and people killing each other over strips of land? In fact, material possession would be irrelevant if we were at the stage where we were ready to venture out of our Solar System.

In other words, we are stuck here because that is all the majority can handle. The few who understand the nature of the Universe are so spread out and are ridiculed when they mention it so they stay at home, hoping one day the world will awaken.

The weaker humans allow other people's words and actions to affect their life so much that the only way they can see to get their own power back is to take that person's life. This is the work of the weak.

The strong know themselves so well that the words of another make them smile, because they know all too well these are just words from a weak person that can only cause pain if the strong person allows them to.

There is no remote control to your emotions. No one else but you has the control. others get control when you hand it to them.